Monday, February 17, 2014

my first mixed media canvas

My son and daughter in law got me some mixed media supplies for Christmas.  It looked all fun but I admit I was intimidated.  So several you tube videos later and I decided to take a shot at the canvas.  

Using a You Tube tutorial by Limon Weber.  

The canvas was pre-gresso’d so I just cut strips of paper and started gluing them to the canvas in a weave pattern.  Then I gesso’d it and after that dried I did a layer of glossy mod podge.  Then I added touches of blue and pink acrylic paint.   

I added some blue acrylic paint to texture paste and using a stencil I added some dimension.  I left it set overnight to dry thoroughly.  Then using gold paste I rubbed it over the top.

In the meantime I picked out some lace and snowflakes and gesso’d them.  Then I chose some gold metal embellishments and gave them a coat in black acrylic.  I rubbed the paint off in some spots to give it an aged look.   

Following the example I added some gesso around the edge of the picture and then decided where I wanted to place the photo. I placed the photo loosely and worked with the embellishments until I liked where they were.  Then I glued everything in place.  I think it came out really good for my first one.


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